Nail polishes are one of my biggest weaknesses, there really is nothing better than getting a fresh, glossy colour on your nails, and nothing more satisfying than someone saying, ‘Oh your nails look nice, who’s done those for you?’ – just myself, the beautician, in about fifteen minutes. Since recently purchasing three H&M nail polishes, the, ‘who’s done those for you?’ line has been serenaded into my eardrums. H&M have a thing for beauty products, a lot of which are a miss for me, just another high street store trying to copy Topshop with a wannabe beauty range, I think to myself. 

     Sneakily enough, H&M left the collection of polishes right beside the till, and since I don’t take much convincing, and I had a good feeling about them, I picked a handful of colours up, and let’s just say you would be a fool not to. I bought (left to right) ‘Chocolate fudge’, my personal favourite, ‘Desert’ and ‘Lindalicious’ (an atrocious name but let’s forget about that). All completely different shades but so universal, they all match any outfit, and weather and any occasion. My biggest love is not only the £2.99 price tag, but the thick brush and wide bristles that accompany the beautifully thick, but not too thick, creamy formula, averaging about ten-fifteen minutes to dry after two coats. 

     I have nothing but praise for these polishes. Credit where credit is due, H&M have pulled out a belter with these, and I feel it is my vocation in life to share them with you. I promise you will love them.

      I shall certainly be stocking up on some more shades for Autumn/Winter. Speak soon. Elizabeth x


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